Gili Meno: The True Hidden Paradise

Just like Bali, Lombok island has become the one of the must-visit places for tourists. Also, with the same case of Bali, the main attraction in Lombok such as Gili Trawangan has become more and more crowded each day. Is Gili Trawangan could be your getaway destination? No. But its sibling—Gili Meno, could be. Here is the extraordinary experience of Gili Meno.

We went to Lombok Island with a 45 minutes flight from Ngurah Rai Airport. The flight was pretty much okay, I had to wait for 30 minutes delay. I guess that’s the one of the cheap flight perks though. Aside from this problem, there is no other annoyance happened. Good grief, I’ve been worried so much since the beginning because my parents took L*on Air instead of any other airlines. Our luggages are fine, the service was pretty much okay, and well… I can handle those turbulences.

Once we (me and my parents) landed at Lombok International Airport, we went to the Bangsal Harbour by a Nemob rent car service. The driver had waited us for a while (thanks for the flight delay!), so that means we don’t have to wait for the driver to come. Anyway, Nemob service is highly recommended for you travelers.

It was a long ride, I’ve spent so much time inside the car sleeping for 2 hours. I’m actually really against this while I’m traveling because I want to view the scenery around the place I’ve been gone, but I can’t help it. I’ve spent a sleepless night yesterday. Around the Pemenang Region, my dad woke me up and the view is already city-like. My dad then told me I’ve missed the moment we rode the path on the hill. Oh well…

People must have heard so much filthy stuffs about this Bangsal Harbour. Yep, I won’t deny that this place is full of scammers who wants to your money. Our driver took us as far as he could to the harbour ticketing office. We straightly take a walk for about 5 minutes and get the cheapest (probably the true price) ticket of the boat. Try to google Karya Bahari! It’s the official ticketing for the crossing boat.

We arrived. And I was like “ANJIR!”

I spit so much curse words to express my ecstatic feeling once I witnessed the landscape of Gili Meno. White sand, check. Crystal-clear water, check. Silence, check. Oh my God, I’m not even landed on the island and I already concluded that this is the true hidden paradise. We can’t doubt it anymore that Gili Meno is the best of all three Gili(s).

There is no motorized vehicle allowed (to keep the quiet atmosphere, I think). There is only horse cart available to get around the islands. We booked an accommodation on Mallias Bungalows that can be reached by a 1-minute walk though. Once we unpacked our things, I can’t wait to… of course, SNORKELING! I rushed to the nearest snorkeling rental equipment, Blue Marlin. And We ready to go!

You can easily find turtle here, in fact, there is Turtle Sanctuary (which I will write about it later) here!
The quiet atmosphere has gained a reputation as a honeymoon getaway for Gili Meno. After I’m done and satisfied with snorkeling, I decided to go around the island by walking. If you’re wondering how small this island is actually, here’s a sneak peek: you can explore the island for just a couple hours on foot. However, I decided to take the horse cart to go back to the bungalows lol.

At night, you can enjoy grilled fish and other seafoods on several warung. There is also a number of bars here, if you want to enjoy the nightlife. But I’d rather choose the quiet beachfront warung to spend the night sea wind blows.

See you on the next post!


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